Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What My World Looks Like

Charting out the plotline... confusing, heavy brainwork. Fun? Yes! When everything flows, that is.



FayaLyn awakes, readying herself for the meeting, whilst Finfaree does the same.

The girls are spoken to, and FayaLyn comes last, evening

Aldwin, painting as dusk falls, and Ision approaches

Ision reaches Esallan and meets Aldwin

Elina tells her mother that she will soon depart

Ision lies awake in the Esallan paleis, thinking of his future, and of Elin

When walls suddenly rise up in the way, it is otherwise. All in all, it is, despite the strain of brain muscles, ever so rewarding. I'd share more, only this table is very revealing. Move forward just a little bit, and the story will show itself, much too much.

Until we meet again,


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